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House gangster Sidney Charles swings into action ahead of his Moda Black debut

It's a promising sign when you know an artist solely through their tracks, in Sidney Charles' case his formidable 'Jack on The Rocks' EP and more recent ‘Hustler Stomp’ EP for Sneak's I’m A House Gangster imprint, rather than any PR assault. Cut from Sneak's cloth of simple, effective spring-loaded house weapons with a long slung swagger, the 20-something producer from Hamburg wears his hip-hop background on his sleeve – hence his popularity with the like of Loco Dice, Santé and even Fatboy Slim.

While his next release is lined up for Moda Black though, we jumped the queue to get this podcast. Mixing contemporaries like Tripmastaz and Okain with old school cats including Kerri Chandler and 95 North, it's a rattling ride through classic, heavily swung '90s drum patterns and samples – a sound that has more potential for reinvention than David Bowie's dressing up box.

1 Leon - 'Unknown Dubby (Tripmastaz Plan 74 Dub)' - MOAN
2 Onno - 'Used (Okain Remix)' - QUARTZ
3 Jimmy Jules & Oliver $ - 'Soggy Cereals' - HIVE MUSIC
4 Franco Cinelli - 'Citylights' - ESPERANZA
5 Richy Ahmed - 'The Drums' - HOT CREATIONS
6 Sidney Charles - 'Vibe' - MODA BLACK
7 Detlef - 'Symphony' - MOON HARBOUR
8 Gemini - 'Touch feat. Yshara (Gemini Remix)' - LOVE SLAP!
9 Mirco Violi, Hanfry Marinez - 'Aftermind' - OVERALL MUSIC
10 Marcman - 'O Decizie' - SAVOR MUSIC
11 95 North - 'Let yourself Go (Dub 1)' - KULT OLD SKOOL
12 Kerri Chandler - 'All About Love' - KING STREET SOUNDS