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DJ Weekly Podcast

79: Jesse Perez

Claiming to be the son of a pimp only ten years his senior and to have grown up listening to 2 Live Crew for whom his mother was a dancer, we're not quite sure what to believe about Miami-based Jesse Perez. What we're certain of is that his 'Jesse Don’t Sport No Jerri Curl' EP for Hot Natured, which follows a growing body of work on Mr Nice Guy Records, is only just a tiny taste of his party-starting vibes which dust down hip-house, Miami bass and other booty shaking beats and give them a modern underground sheen.

Packed full of his own productions, alongside the likes of Jason Bye's much anticipated 'Charles The Bouncer', his podcast will have you rocking hard with its low down OG vibes and serves as a reminder of Miami's illustrious past, as well as present.

DJ Weekly Podcast 79: Jesse Perez by djmag

1. Jesse Perez - "Kiss Jesse On The Dick" [Unsigned]
2. Jesse Perez - "Sally Says Woah" [Mr. Nice Guy]
3. Jesse Perez - "Jesse Don't Sport No Jerri Curl" [Hot Creations]
4. Jesse Perez - "Wuz Up Wit Them Big Booty Girls" [Mr. Nice Guy]
5. Hectik Rivero & Mika Materazzi - "Overtown Boogie" [Mr. Nice Guy]
6. Tapesh & Sidney Charles - "I Feel So Blue" [Mr. Nice Guy]
7. Jason Bye - "Charles The Bouncer" [Mr. Nice Guy]
8. Jesse Perez - "Identical To None" [Unsigned]
9. Jesse Perez - "More Party, Less Bullshit" [Mr. Nice Guy]
10. Jesse Perez - "Live From Dade County" [Mr. Nice Guy]
11. Pleasurekraft - "The Main Ingredient" (Jesse Perez Remix) [Hot Fingers]

Unfortunately Soundcloud wouldn't let us upload the entire mix which started with Queen Latifa's 'Come into my House' so here is the unedited version to stream via Mixcloud.