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DJ Weekly Podcast


A resident of Bridgeport, Connecticut, in the US of A, DJ and producer Jus-Ed has been credited as the main force behind the renaissance of New York house, running numerous parties, hosting his radio show on and helping to launch the careers of the likes of Levon Vincent locally and from afar Nina Kraviz with his Underground Quality label, which has come to rep just that.

The Underground Quality crew touch down at Fabric on Saturday 5th May to showcase their rootsy house sound. He recorded this deep, undulating vinyl only mix especially, even getting on the mic to hype us as much as we hope it will you. 

DJ Weekly Podcast: Jus-Ed by djmag

1. I'm Comin / DJ Jus-Ed / RMX Aybee UQ-033
2. Underworld / Aybee / UQ-025
3. Endurance / DJ Jus-Ed / EDJ-003
4. NWS Part1 / 2400 Operator (FEAT) Rev. Sapriori / Nr.
5. Delharmonic / BLM / Roll'em EP UQ-039
6. Alright / Scott Ferguson / Frp-033
7. Kind Of Green / Smallpeople / UQ-029
8. Joey A. And Jus-Ed / Endurance 3x12 Comp. Pt1 UQ-044
9. Dourada / Apoena CD LP UQ / Rmx By DJ Jus-Ed/Nr.


Jus-Ed (Bridgeport, CT)
Jenifa Mayanja (Bridgeport, CT)
BLM (London, UK)
Juniper (Manchester, UK)
£18 advance/£12 students/£13 fabricfirst; £9 from 4am