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DJ Weekly Podcast

Mark Fanciulli

Having a brother already well established as one of the biggest names in house music could be a double-edged sword, but Mark Fanciulli (brother of Nic) has already proved his individual class beyond doubt with releases such as the fantastic 'Sacrifice' on Saved Records.

Just 25 years-old, and with only a few releases under his belt, he's already attracted support from the likes of Joris Voorn (who released 'The Tide' on his own Rejected label), Deetron, Maceo Plex, Seth Troxler and Pete Tong. Surprising us by including Geeeman and Cajmere alongside DJ W!ld and Washerman, his podcast is an hour long ride of solid dancefloor grooves. Check below for our interview with Mark. 

DJ Weekly Podcast: Mark Fanciulli by djmag

1- Onno - Mumblin Groove [Moon Harbour]
2- Intruder - Amame Feat. Jei (Dyed Soundorom Remix) [Defected]
3- Volkan Ozer - Sunday Skool [Kote Records]
4- Geeeman - Bag't [Clone Jack For Daze Serie]
5- Cajmere, Gene Farris - Mars Bar [Cajual]
6- Dj W!Ld - Crisis [Harry Klein Records]
7- Los Escorpiones - El Underground (Ghetto Mix) [Magnetic]
8- Tom Clark, Todd Bodine, Philip Bader, Daniel Dreier, Dale, Highrade Disharmonic
Orchestra - Way Too Far [Highgrade]
9 - Mark Fanciulli - Back To Front [White]
10 - Washerman - Basement Chord [Drumpoet Community]
11- Seph - Third [Harry Klein Records]
12- Mark Fanciulli - Sacrifice (Terrence Parker Remix) [Saved Records]

What and when was it that you decided that you wanted to produce music? How supportive was Nic?

“When I was about 15 I decided I wanted to start producing music. I had been spinning records in my bedroom for about a year and thought to move into the production world.

“I had a clear idea on what path I would take to do this, the educational route along with any hands on experience I could get. In my spare time I was reading engineering books then college and so forth. Nic is incredibly supportive and always gives me great advice and help when I need it and can really push me to get the product perfect. And of course the same goes for the rest of my family.”

What has the reaction been like to 'Sacrifice'? It's definitely the tune that seems to have put you on the map on your own terms.

“The feedback has been great. Once on the market it got off to a great start and I'm happy I got it out before WMC as a load of people were playing it that week. What I really like about it is that people across the board are into it, like with 'The Tide'. I've been getting emails from DJs across the spectrum. I want the element of accessibility with as many of my productions as possible.

Terrence Parker has delivered a fantastic remix of the record and showcases the production skills that make him one of the best in house.”

What's next in terms of gigs and releases? Is everything gathering steam?

“Yeah, it's all going well and I feel like I am in a good place. My new booking agent Paramount has been great and is getting the diary filled up. I want to be on the road as much as possible and it's definitely moving in that direction at a nice pace.

“Music wise I have been working up on the follow up single for 'Sacrifice' and I have also been in the studio with Guti which was fun. The record will be perfect for the summer months.”

Has there been a defining moment where you thought, this is it, it's all happening as I hoped?

“There have been several moments like that where I thought, this is going how I would like it to. Stuff like getting good responses in the charts, moving onto a great booking agent and being able to play new and exciting gigs here at home and abroad.”

Are there plans to collaborate with your brother in anyway or are you secretly (shh) now rivals?

“I worked on a remix with Nic for Ovum last year (Shlomi Aber's 'Taped and Gorgeous') and I can definitely see us going back in the studio together. He's the guy who introduced me to dance music and we enjoy playing each other's new records. For the moment I'm going to concentrate on solo stuff but I would love to.”