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DJ Weekly Podcast

DJ Weekly Podcast

Joe Europe

Having provided the standout track on last summer's 'We Love... Vitalik' compilation in the shape of 'Smash and Grab', Joe Europe – one of the promoters and DJs behind club nights Ears Have Eyes and Disco Biscuit – returns to Ryan O'Gorman's label for his next release with a full EP of lush deep house (naturally entitled the 'Joe Europe EP').

Sample his tracks 'Standing' and 'Idiot Box', the latter released by My First Love, alongside Drexiya, Metro Area, Tensnake and Boo Williams on his podcast, which weaves together ear-worming melodies, intricate drum programming and plenty of dancefloor funk whilst keeping it deep throughout.

DJ Weekly Podcast: Joe Europe by djmag

1. Drexciya - Neon Falls (Submerge)
2. Metro Area - Rythm Reel 6 (Environ)
3. Joe Europe - Standing (Vitalik)
3. Clap Rules - Pericoloso (Daniel Maloso Remix) (Bear Funk)
4. Tim Toh - Supercalafragilistic (Phil Pot)
5. Phonogenic - Woke up with your Hair on my Hips (Room with a View)
6. Darko Kastura - The Sky Turned Away (Cambrian Line)
7. Fritz & Zander - How did I Get Home? (Suol)
8. Tensnake - In the End (I want you to cry) Running Back)
9. Zoo Look - Grove Side Blues (Join the Dots)
10. Boo WIlliams - Mortal Trance (Rush Hour)
11. Joe Europe - Idiot Box (My First Love)