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DJ Weekly Podcast

58: Phaeleh

Wowing us with his first album ‘Fallen Light', which infused dubstep with a rarely seen melodic sweetness, Bristol-based Phaeleh returned last month with a similarly attuned mini LP ‘The Cold in You’.

Jammed full of unreleased dubs, his podcast opens up this world of swirling synths and ghostly ethereal voices, switching up between garagey breaks and half-step skank. Let’s be clear, the bass does drop, but by weaving it in and out of different textures and shades, and making you wait for the gritty payoff, it has all the more impact when it does.

DJ Weekly Podcast 58: Phaeleh by djmag

Submerse - Bubblin [Frijsfo Beats]
Resketch - Senseless [Inhale]
Resketch - I Don't Care [Well Rounded]
Synkro - Here's Your [Box Clever]
3rdeye - Fifty Fathoms [Dub]
3rdeye & HxdB - Transpacific [Frijsfo Beats]
Snoe - J [Deca]
Resketch - Make Her See [Dub]
Materia - Razorball [Drawn Recordings]
Kraymon - Needy (Wascal Remix) [Louse Records]
Dizz1 - Gone Soon [Black Acre]
Truth - Full Baked [Black Box]
LAS - Power Surge [Black Box]
Pistonsbeneath - Resonate [Dub]
Killawatt - Ether [Dub]
Boot - Dagobah [Dub]
Killawatt - Untitled [Dub]
Biome - Space [Black Box]
Phaeleh - Caustic Storm [Afterglo]
Nanobyte - The Realms [Sequence]
Nanobyte - Kalyke [Dub]