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DJmag is Down With the Kids!

DJmag is Down With the Kids!

Friend us up on MySpace and Facebook!

Ok, we admit it. You were neglected and that has cost us dear. We are now locked out of our MySpace page forever!

What's more, when trying to set up a new page, we realised that some cheeky whippersnapper has snapped up the DJmag URL to promote his own tunes! We salute your ingenuity Typhoon D, but in essence, we hate you for stealing our name and quite possibly our friends, girlfriends and jobs.

Fear not though. We have formulated a cunning plan to get back on the 'Space. DJmag Official Myspace If you are feeling especially net savvy, we also have a Facebook fan page. You will need an account to join our troop, but we would love your support! You find us here

Watch out for exclusive competitions on both new sites!

So come join us to meet other dance music enthusiasts, chat about the mag, the tunes, the clubs and just about whatever else you fancy! See you inside!