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Do Not Sleep is the latest promotion to illuminate Privilege's Vista Club, one of its most promising events yet...

Privilege’s Vista Club is a room steeped in Ibiza tradition. The one-time home to Manumission’s infamous side-parties, it’s come back to prominence lately thanks to its hosting of Spanish party Elrow, which recently teamed up with Kehakuma and moved across town to a bigger venue at Space. Regardless, it’s the sort of venue that’s been yearning for a suitable such session for some time — and in Do Not Sleep it finally seems to have settled on one that’s very much a win-win for all parties.

And for all that the rest of the island’s clubs have to offer, there’s something distinctly Ibizan about a night out at Privilege. The drive into the estate where the club lies is impressive in itself, and though Privilege is quite literally too big for its boots (it’s rarely, if ever, full to its 10,000 capacity), a journey to the self-styled ‘World’s Biggest Club’ is never boring.

The main room is a cavernous space that’d turn the head of even the most ardent clubber, while there’s also the small matter of a pool on the dancefloor, massively high ceilings, a lavish interior and a main stage that’s more suited to live band performances than intimate DJ sets. Little wonder then that the famously theatrical Freddie Mercury filmed the video for ‘Barcelona’ here way back in 1987.

DJ Mag is in town to check out the Privilege Opening Fiesta, a party where EDM and cutting-edge house and techno lie unusually close to one another. In the main room, a predominantly local crowd is giving it socks to old-school commercial sounds, a la ‘Better off Alone' and 'Sandstorm', before Example and DJ Wire do what they do best and whip the crowd into a frenzy that lasts for the duration of their rapturously-received set.

It’s the aforementioned Vista Club, however, where our main interests lie. And what a great little spot it is. Boasting stunning views of Ibiza’s port and the nearby hills, it’s the perfect place to watch the sun come up over the island.

Buoyed by an impressively punchy Funktion One system, it’s something of an underrated gem considering it’s actually one of the most impressive medium-sized clubs (within a club) that the island has to offer. Of course, none of this would matter one iota were it not for the party in question, and on initial inspection it would seem Do Not Sleep has nailed what it takes to be a success in Ibiza.

Run by Electric Ibiza, the promoters behind the night have settled on a canny blend of established DJs, up-and-coming acts and veterans, and tonight’s line-up is no exception, as Cajmere, Heidi, and Chris ‘Eagles & Butterflies’ Barratt are among the headliners.

Meanwhile, Stefano Noferini, the night’s first act, is playing a pumped-up set to a cosmopolitan crew of revellers, and already we’re left with the feeling that this isn’t going to be a night for subtle musical equations. Relying on a stock of anthemic tech house numbers, he excellently paves the way for Cajmere and Heidi’s special back-to-back set.

A suitably jacking blend of uptempo house music gets us going and has us on the dancefloor in seconds, and such is the duo’s shared love of all things Chicago that theirs feels — and sounds — like a very natural DJ pairing.

Sharing a real understanding and chemistry behind the decks, they swap punchy grooves with wide-eyed glee, with each track practically as emphatic as the next. Though the sounds aren’t too varied, you at least know what you’re getting with these two, and all things considered theirs is a rock solid formula that works wonders. 

While the night’s atmosphere is high throughout, the Vista Club really gets going when the morning sun creeps in. It illuminates the room in a warm, fuzzy glow, and as Cajmere and Heidi close out their three-hour set to rapturous applause and a sun-kissed room, it makes for the sort of Ibiza moment that we’ll treasure long after our island jaunt has come to a standstill.

We leave the Vista Club at 7am with the sun on our backs and another new day approaching, safe in the knowledge that Do Not Sleep is nothing if not aptly titled and a welcome addition to Ibiza’s clubbing landscape. With Syrossian & co still to touch down here this summer, this could well be the year where the Vista Club takes it to a new level.