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Double Dutch

Kid Massive launches debut Audiodamage compilation

Kid Massive, AKA Ben Pederson, might originally hail from Denmark but the London based DJ loves Holland like a fat kid loves cake.

“I play crunk house which is the typical Dutch sound,” he tells DJmag. “It's got a dirty groove, with the snare drum off-beat, and big basslines. It has to have energy and bounce.”

This month sees his label Audiodamage reach the ripe old age of two with the release of a new album, 'Audiodamage World Series 1', a double CD mixed by Kid Massive and Full Intention's Michael Gray. Packed full of up-and-coming producers, including Holland's Disfunktion, Gabriel & Castellon, Benny Royal and Bingo Players, it marks an ongoing commitment to discovering new talent.

“It's taken me a long time to get where I am,” Kid Massive reflects. “I would have made it a lot quicker if I had someone pushing me in the right direction.”

With the label's first party at ADE, a packed Ibizan boat party, and plenty of club dates this year, he already has his share of DJ tales.

“We did a party at Club Deep in Croatia this summer. It's an old cave, which in World War Two was a German submarine hideout base to attack Allied shipping.”

The album launches at London's White House on 21st November, before a European and South American tour next year, with an exclusive three-hour, back-to-back set from Kid Massive and Gray, who've also recorded a track together.

“Michael's turning down a lot of gigs at the moment, so what we're doing together is very exclusive,” revealed Massive.

One of the album's most anticipated tracks, DBR and Dave Ferrero's remake of Blaze's 'My Beat', is released on Audiodamage in December.

“You have to remix a classic with the utmost respect,” explains Kid Massive, who's worked his own magic on Rosie Gaines and Marshall Jefferson. “Keep in mind why people love the original, but update it for 2009.”

A series of eight remixes has already been completed with — you guessed it — a package of remixes by Dutch producers to follow.