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7 inspiring records selected by the bass don

Daniel Pearce, the man that is Eats Everything, otherwise known as Dan, is on his way to DJ at a friend's wedding. It's going to be a nice surprise to many of his old friends, but something's not sitting quite right...

"There's going to be loads of my mates that I haven't seen since school times and the groom's making such a fuss I'm worried about upstaging the bride." The following day he'll be back on his regular footing, hot-trotting it up to Edinburgh to play back-to-back with T.E.E.D.

In 2011 Eats Everything wriggled out of the clutches of the Bristolian scene that he was a huge part of when yours truly DJ Mag (via public vote) presented him with the Best Breakthrough Producer trophy at our annual Best of British awards; the following year we decided that the Best British DJ accolade was also a perfect fit for him. Who knows what award we might have up our sleeves for him this year, what with his exciting new residency at London's XOYO?

Harking back to the clubs and raves he went to in the '90s, "we're going to have trannies on the door, and most of the time Room Two is going to be a gay night". Eats Everything (All Night Long) will put the right attitude first and the likes of Skream and Green Velvet will be joining him.

What is the track that reminds you of your childhood?
"Paul Simon 'Graceland', the single from the album, is my favourite song, it reminds me of being in the back of the car in France. We weren't particularly well off when I was a kid, but we weren't exactly poor, we went to campsites in France which was more than a lot of people could afford. We went on the ferry and we'd drive all the way through France. We'd have all the duvets on the back seat — it was super comfy and we'd be listening to Paul Simon's 'Graceland' album, that song in particular. It's just one song that really stands out for me. I actually put an edit of it on my Essential Mix last year [2012]."

What was the first record that you ever bought?
"It was the rave version of Sonic the Hedgehog on 7”, that was the first record I ever bought, I think it was about '91 that it came out, the same time as the Mario Bros one came out. The first record I ever owned was the thing off a He-Man comic when I was about nine, and it was a floppy 7” disc. One side, it was a track that went 'He-Man, He-Man, He-Man….' and on the other side is a track that was exactly the same, but it went 'Beef-Man'..."

What's the cheesiest record in your collection?
"I'd probably say Girls Aloud 'Love Machine', I fucking love that song. I wanna play it at a club at some point. I need to get to Villalobos or Sven Väth level and maybe I can drop 'Love Machine' at a rave. But until then before I get there, who knows? I might fall into obscurity before then. But if I ever get bigger I might be able to drop that."

What is the track that's guaranteed to make you cry?
"I tell you what nearly made me cry was that John Lewis Christmas advert, with the bear and the fucking rabbits. But the record that makes me cry is the second Coldplay one, not 'Yellow', it's a really sad record, something to do with spiders ['Trouble' perhaps?], I can't remember the name. A girl really screwed me over and it was on around that time. I was a builder at the time and you'd be on the building site and this would come on and it wouldn't make me cry, [but] all those late teen angsts I was feeling were elevated by this record. It's mad how much music can affect your mood, in a good way or a bad way."

What's an album that you're currently into?
"The Beyonce one. I woke up this morning at half six because that's when my wife goes to work, and all over Twitter everyone was going on about it. It's amazing. I'm not really an album kind of guy if I'm honest, there's not really enough time. Jon Carter and Luke Solomon were tweeting about how good it is. That woman is unbelievable, I think she's the greatest pop singer of all-time, and I'm not even that much of a fan. I think she's a super talent. Luke Solomon tweeted that he was listening to it with his mouth open, his jaw had dropped."

What is the record in your collection that you most treasure?
"Probably a dubplate, the only dubplate I own, a hardcore record, it's '4am', a hardcore version of Beverly Craven — 'it's 4 o'clock in the morning and it's starting to get light…' a hardcore version of that. Just because it's a dubplate and it's the only one I own, it's like '94 or thereabouts. I got it when I was 15 about a year after it came out."

What is your all-time favourite track of all-time?
"I would say, it's Paul Simon 'Graceland'. I think that is my all-time favourite record ever. I don't think there's been a better piece of music ever. Maybe that or Gat Decor 'Passion'. I think Gat Decor 'Passion' is my favourite house record. It's amazing."