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Exclusive Cloudcasts at Mixcloud

Exclusive Cloudcasts at Mixcloud

Daily throughout August

In order to celebrate their first year in existence, the hard-working, salt of the earth types at Mixcloud are posting daily exclusive Cloudcast mixes on their site, curated by a big ol’ list of names that includes Red Bull Music Academy and Serato.

So far they’ve posted mixes from Vice Magazine and Knowledge Mag. It’s fun to predict whether the content of the mix will encapsulate the brand’s image and ideology – will the Red Bull mix only feature tracks above 200bpm? Will the Serato mix shun any producer who's ever touched a CDJ? To be fair, the Vice mix sounds exactly like something Vice would come up with, so we can only hope that the other brands will follow suit.

Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for new mixes to ease the nine-to-five this month.