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SpectraSoul drop 'The Retrospective Mix'

SpectraSoul have a reputation that’s second to none. A staple in the drum & bass scene for close to a decade, the duo are set to return with a new album this summer, titled ‘The Mistress’ on Shogun Audio.

To announce their return, SpectraSoul – AKA Jack Stevens and Dave Kennett – have created an exclusive mix especially for DJ Mag listeners that explores their varied and impressively vast back catalogue. DJ Mag got the chance to catch up with SpectraSoul, to talk the story behind ‘The Mistress’, their all time favourite tracks and their latest EP, ‘Always/ I Don’t Mind’.

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You’ve titled this mix 'The Retrospective Mix'. Talk us through it…

“We wanted to reflect on some of our favourite tracks from our discography. It was actually an eye opener. We've released a fair bit of music in our nine year career! It was a good feeling to revisit some of those tunes and remember the stories behind them. We've never done this kind of mix before, so we thought it would be nice to showcase some older stuff that people may not be familiar with.“

What is the most important track to each of you on this mix?

Dave: “Choosing favourites from your own music is always hard. I've always had a soft spot for 'Melodies' though. Brings back some good memories that one!”

Jack: “It's got to be 'Alibi' for me. It was the first tune we wrote that I can remember playing and having a club rocking. Still sounds decent today, even if I say so myself!”

The new single ‘Always/I Don't Mind’ is out now and you're about to drop a new LP in May. What's the story behind this LP and why now?

“We took a bit of time out after the ‘Delay No More’, regrouped, got a new studio and started to build a new creative space in which to work. This break was essential, and enabled us to approach the creative process from a new angle. We spent a huge amount of time in the studio during this period. We just worked away until we had a solid collection of tracks that began to resemble an album. It came together more quickly than 'Delay No More' in terms of time frame, but we actually spent a hell of a lot of hours working on it.”

'Delay No More' was a powerful debut, what are you hoping to show fans with 'The Mistress' that they haven't seen before?

Dave: “How we've developed as artists. We've spent a lot of time honing our song writing and improving our technical abilities over the last year, so this album should hopefully demonstrate all that we've learnt, whilst showcasing an interesting array of exciting and genre-bending music.”

Jack: “We didn't want to repeat the process and sound of the first album; that was a conscious decision. We're the type of people who have to keep moving or we get bored. With this album, we tried to push on and see where we could get. We wanted to build on the groundwork of 'Delay No More'.”

Where can we see you in the next few months? Tours, dates?

“Our album tour kicks off at the end of May and we're really excited to take the music out of the studio and share with people. We've got a simple, back-to-basics concept for the tour that we're really looking forward to. The dates will be announced in the coming weeks! In the meantime, all other gig dates & event info is on our Facebook page.” 

Anything else we should know?



SpectraSoul tracks:

III Note Soul (SGN: LTD 2007)

How Strange (SGN: LTD 2009)

Bygones (Shogun Audio 2010)

Cherry Smoke (SGN: LTD 2007)

Lost Disciple (Shogun Audio 2011)

Memento (Shogun Audio 2012)

Mimic (Subtitles 2009)

Buried (31 Records 2009)

Guardian (Metalheadz 2009)

Adoration (Nu: Directions 2008)

Tender Doubt (Celcius Recordings 2008)

Alibi (Critical Recordings 2008)

Melodies Feat. Mike Knight (Exit Records 2009)

Organiser (Critical Recordings 2009)

Forsaken w/ Alix Perez Feat. Peven Everett (Shogun Audio 2009)

Light In The Dark Feat. Terri Walker (Shogun Audio 2012)

Glimpse Feat. D.Bridge (Shogun Audio 2010)

Sometimes We Lie (Shogun Audio 2012)