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Great new EP on the horizon for Sasha’s new protégé...

ThermalBear came to do a live stream as part of the DJ Mag HQ Sessions recently, and we liked what he did so much that we asked if we could have an exclusive stream of one of his future releases.

It just so happens that Dennis White, aka Thermal Bear, has a new EP — ‘Just Too Late For Summer’ — about to drop on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth label, and we’ve snagged the lead track as an exclusive. Hear it here:

“’Just Ducky’ is a track that has been floating around my hard drive for a year now,” Dennis tells DJ Mag. “I could never really settle on a chord sequence, but the necessity to get some more music out there was very good motivation for finally finishing it. Juno stabs and a vocal sample are always a good combo, right?”

ThermalBear has been going great guns since signing to Sasha’s label.

In fact, so impressed has the boss man been with Dennis’s production skills that he’s asked him to do some tracks together.

They’re working together in the studio right now, and are going to be releasing the fruits of these sessions on LNOE soon.

Meanwhile, he has a track on NoFitState, Geddes and Simon Baker’s new label, and he had this to say about the rest of his ‘Summer EP’…

There are three versions of the ‘Turn The Tide’ original, and after we did the Sasha remix for ‘Involv3r’ I've constantly been asked ‘When's the original coming out?’ Well, this is one of them — the summer one. It features the hugely talented Arrows Down who also put some guitar down for this one... Yeah, well, we all kinda got caught up in the Nile Rodgers revival. It lacks those ‘pew-pew’ disco toms though.

“With Ownership’, I've been trying to teach myself piano but I have fists made of ham and weird stubby sausage fingers. I have this technique where I transpose triads up and down the keyboard with my hands locked in this weird position. My mate affectionately refers to it as ‘the claw’. He's a real musician and likes to poke fun. 

“Dealership’, meanwhile, is really just for the bass bins, innit.”

Buy Thermalbear's new EP here