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Brooklyn boys Teengirl Fantasy go back to the phuture

Ever since Teengirl Fantasy’s musical interests in authentic Detroit techno, Chicago and New York house collided during orientation week at Oberlin College, the Brooklyn duo haven’t stopped jamming.

“We never thought of it in careers terms,” Nick Weiss tells DJ Mag, “it’s just cool to be able to tour with it.”

The nostalgia of US house and techno in their tracks is part of this new community of American musicians (think Ital, Black Dice, Blondes…) reversing the dip in authentic US dance music, which was over-shadowed by the Euro-electro trends in the early noughties. TGF describe how they “used a lot of digital synthesisers, so there’s a kind of digital quality which is clear and almost 3D-like”.

The music they produce is created in a “warehouse with no windows”, other member of the duo Logan Takahashi tells DJ Mag. “It doesn’t have any outside sources coming in, especially as there’s no samples in this album.” ‘Orbit’, the first track on the album, warms listeners into melodic bassy synths with hi-hats, snares and tom-tom drums teasing you throughout, as there’s a somewhat hesitant tone of nearing a musical climax. Kelea, doing the vocals in ‘EXF’, goes poppier with R&B-like overtones, and ‘Mist Of Time’ featuring Laurel Halo plays along with warbling synths, making time feel hazy and fragmentary. The rest of the album journeys through a space-like odyssey of discordant sounds whilst fluttering digital synthesisers and crisp drums keep it tight. House legend Romanthony (the voice in Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’) supplies the vocals in ‘Do It’, which is a personal achievement for the guys.

“It’s more like a dream which became a reality,” Nick contemplates.

The experimental sounds in this sophomore LP have been reportedly going down a storm. TGF describe how in their live sets they’re “…playing mostly stuff from the new album which people haven’t heard, so for the people to respond to songs in live sets for the first time is pretty cool.” Signed to R&S Records, they’re grateful to tour with fellow artists like Pariah and Vondelpark, who Nick gives much praise for their craftsmanship. “Anyone can be a DJ, anyone can play music, but to really be able to craft a set that’s moving but is also really seamless is very inspiring.”