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Feindrehstar release 'Vulgarian Knights'

Feindrehstar release 'Vulgarian Knights'

Club music the old fashioned way

Kids into bands like to go to gigs, watch the band on stage, drink expensive beer from plastic cups and applaud politely between songs, before going home early.

Kids into DJs like to go to loud clubs, watch the DJ in a tiny booth, drink expensive beer and dance all night because there aren't any breaks between songs (and sometimes there aren't any songs at all).

Kids into Feindrehstar go to gigs IN clubs, dance WHILE watching them performing AND stay up all night. That makes them much cooler.

A seven piece band outfit who've previously released on Sonar Kollectiv, Feindrehstar's live act evolved from the ashes of nu-jazz noddling, meaning that they're all skilled players, but has morphed into something that mashes elements of afro-beat with the kind of Balkan influences being sampled left, right and centre by house DJs.

Throw in a host of samples, including vintage Public Enemy, on their debut album 'Vulgarian Knights' out 16th August on Freude am Tanzen/Musik Krause - and produced by Soulphiction, with German hip hop veteran Flowin IMMO, in the Jazzanova Studio in Berlin - and you have a live experience that's packs an entire trunk with funk, bundle it into the back of a van, drags to the club, soundchecks and unleashes it in a performance that wipes the floor with one man waving his hands around in front of a laptop.

Essential stuff. And when you watch the trouble they went through to deliver each copy of the album, you'll appreciate it even more.