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Fischerspooner in Greece

Fischerspooner in Greece

Casey Spooner talks to us about his Rework appearance

With the 17th September date of the Reworks Festival rapidly approaching, everyone is gearing up for a weekend full of sun, fun, music and art. The confluence of the latter two items on that list is of particular significance to Casey Spooner, lead singer of the famed New York electroclash duo Fischerspooner. He took time out from Fischerspooner’s current role of being the opening act for Scissor Sisters to chat with us about Reworks, some of his current favorite acts, and the significance of tanning one’s ass (very significant). 

In your eyes, what is the significance of the Reworks Festival?
“I have never attended the Reworks festival but it is the most important electronic music event in Greece so I am very excited to check it out. We have always had great audiences in Greece. Reworks seems perfect for us because it is not just a music festival but also an arts festival. I am coming off of a month long American tour with The Scissor Sisters and I am really excited to have a nice break in the sun before summer is over. I don't want this summer to end!”

Which other acts are you most interested in checking out?
“I love Autechre and Miss Kittin and Dr. Lectroluv and ISON. But I am always interested in seeing and hearing new stuff so I am going to explore.”

How do you plan on attacking the stage this time around? Anything special we can expect?
“Our DJ sets are very straightforward, unlike our live show. I'm not doing anything special. Lauren Flax and I will be playing all our new favorite tracks. I am obsessed with Azari and III right now, especially their remix of Booka Shade ‘Bad Love’ and their songs ‘Hungry for The Power’ and ‘Reckless (With Your Love)’. I am all `90s house crazy.”

Craziest thing you've seen at a festival?
“Iggy Pop's amazing body.”

What else would you like to do in Greece besides the Reworks Festival?
“I’m going to the beach! I haven't had a break in months so I am really looking forward to celebrating at Reworks and then face planting on some remote beach and tanning my ass.”

What do guys you have planned for the future?
“More art. More music. More film. More shows. More, more, more. I'm in the midst of releasing a Casey Spooner solo rock album, which will be very different. Touring as a one man show. And I am doing creative direction for several other artists, which is new and fun for me.”

Words: Drew Millard