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The Foxiest Label In Dance?

The Foxiest Label In Dance?

Kitsuné brings together some of the best dance, rock, and pop on their latest CD 'Maison Compilation 3'. caught up with label boss Gildas Loaëc.

Merging rock with dance is nothing new, but recent media hype has led to the coining of a new genre.

'Nu rave' is a sound that is being 'pioneered' by bands like the Klaxons, Van She, New Young Pony Club, and Shitdisco, but Paris-based label Kitsuné has been releasing music of this type for the last four years, highlighted by their new 'Maison Compilation 3' CD (out now).


"The CD brings together the best pop, rock and dance songs and all of them are classic tracks," commented label boss Gildas Loaëc in his infectious Parisian accent.

"Kitsuné wants to be mainstream and underground at the same time.

"We want to release music that lasts, classic tracks you can sing along to."

The Maison that Kitsune built

Rocky Dancefloor

And their new compilation is packed with delightful poppy dancefloor gems that will sound just as good in a club, as they will when you're attempting to karaoke them in the shower.

Shuddering electro-rock from The Whip, punk-dance-trash from Gossip, and remixes by Soulwax, Van She, and Metronomy mean this album is essential listening for anyone who likes their dance music a bit more song-based.

"We like every style of dance music at the label," said Gildas.

"Rock guitars with electro synths and drum machines with live instruments are always more interesting to listen to than straight up electronic music produced on software.

"We want people to dance to our music, and sing along at the same time."

Kitsuné isn't solely confined to releasing music.

They also make trendy clothes that utilise the label's strong design identity.

"Our clothes are sold in Dover Street Market, and we have plans to sell our clothes in other cities," revealed Gildas.

"Like our music, our clothes are very good quality and will last."