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Free Bigg Jus track

Free Bigg Jus track

From Company Flow founder's new solo album

We have this exclusive album track, 'Empire Is A Bitch (Fake Arab Spring Mix)', from the forthcoming Bigg Jus album, 'Machines That Make Civilization Fun', released by Laitdbac Records/Mush on 8th May.

A founding member of Brooklyn-based Company Flow, whose rap noir grew out of the golden age of underground hip-hop in the '90s, Bigg Jus's solo album explores a post 9/11 landscape where his chosen artform has descended into bling and swag obsession, rather than addressing the problems facing America and the world.

As big, raw and wise to bullshit as his native New York, it's a reminder that despite previously respected stars crossing over to the world of crass party-all-night, party-all-day house, hip-hop still has a vital voice to act as the social conscience of the nation.

'Empire Is A Bitch (Fake Arab Spring Mix)' - Bigg Jus by djmag

First Single 'Black Roses' is out now with remixes By Bigg Jus & El-P and Thavius Beck.

Full album tracklisting below: 

01. Crossing The Line
02. Game Boy Predator
03. Black Roses
04. Advanced Lightbody Activation
05. Empire Is A Bitch (Fake Arab Spring Mix)
06. Food For Thought (Shit Sandwiches)
07. Hard Times For New Lovers
08. Machines That Make Civilization Fun
09. Polymathmatics (Restore Balance Out Think A Savage Trick)
10. Redemption Sound Dub
11. Samson Op-Ed
12. Kush Star Catalog
13. Respective Of F1 Dub