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Tom Flynn sets sail with expert techno and house

Tom Flynn gears up for a US Tour that will leave American fans of quality techno and house satiated. To prepare fans for the incoming, we asked the breakout DJ, who releases on leading buzz-labels such as Hot Creations, dirtybird and Circus what we can expect. Find out  why Tom Flynn would collaborate with Guy Gerber over anyone and the advice he once got from, loose cannon Seth Troxler in our head-to-head after the jump.

Download Tom Flynn’s US tour mix below.Describe your live show for those who haven't seen it.
“Its a chance for me to really play what I want. I play music I love and records I've collected, from disco to house to techno. I'm not someone who turns up and plays the same sort of music each night or the latest bunch of tech house top 100 tracks. I like songs with content in them, with soul and a message, or just some weird stuff that's not normal. I like to work through all different vibes and moods, but i can't stand music that's got nothing to it.” 

 You've released music on some of the coolest labels in dance music, Hot Creations, Circus, dirtybird... have you ever been given a piece of advice from say Jamie Jones or Flux or vonStroke that you've carried with you? 
“To be honest no, haha! But I think that's a good thing, too much advice from many people can be bad I guess. Learning from your own mistakes is pretty important when it comes to music. Seth Troxler told me to let loose and be a freak, that was good advice to be fair.” 

Who is the one artist you wish you could collab with (living or dead) and why?
“Guy Gerber. He's one of the most talented producers of our time. His sound, his ideas, they're all top notch. He's almost like one of those people that's not truly appreciated in his own time.” 

You're playing some renowned venues on this US tour, anyplace you're particularly excited for? Why?
“I know it's super cheesy to say but all of them. I feel like that about most gigs. Chicago is always special for me, I think because of it's history obviously, but you always get this feeling in Chicago that they just want to get down, like really get down and funky. New york too, I always have a good time in those places, but I feel like all the cities I go in America are getting so down with the underground.” 

What are your top three tour essential tunes at the moment? Why?
1. Tom Flynn - ‘It's Been a Long Time’ - “If you were in Ibiza this summer and saw Jamie Jones play, you danced to this.” 
2. CZR - ‘Southside of Chicago’ - “I play that every time I'm in Chicago and the place goes nuts.”
3. Steve Bug - ‘A Night Like This (Richie Hawtin’s dub like that remix)’ - “Never leaves my box, perfect record.”

What's on your rider?
“A fan, because every DJ hates being hot. Beer and water, simple!” 

Describe your sound in 3 words.
“For The Floor”