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Fresh Kicks 71: Fathia

Fresh Kicks 71: Fathia

Emerging Hamburg-based DJ/producer steps up with an hour of deep, hypnotic techno cloaked in dark atmosphere and rolling energy…

Fathia discovered techno when she was 14. From formative years dancing in the revered Stammheim club in her hometown of Kassel, Germany to her discovering DJing and producing upon moving to Hamburg, her journey into electronic music has been one built on determination and rapid evolution.

Cutting her teeth as a resident in Humburg’s tiny Pooca Bar, Fathia’s local and international gigging schedule has since been picking up considerably, with a support slot for Adam Beyer already under her belt and another lined up in June alongside the one and only Ben Klock. Not only that, her debut EP, ‘Encoding’ on EXYZT, has garnered massive support from the likes Beyer, Laurent Garnier, Slam and ANNA to name but a few. As her star continues to rise, DJ Mag caught up with the artist to discover the personal roots of her techno endeavours...

“I got into Djing at the darkest point of my life,” she says. “My father lost the battle against cancer and I had to find a valve to process my emotions. That was the point when my ex-boyfriend introduced me to DJing. He even sat down with me and we produced ‘Encoding’ together, following my feelings regarding the loss of my dad.”

Describing herself as an artist who “works better through haptic impulses”, Fathia’s production techniques have since evolved to incorporate tools like Ableton Push 2, tools which have enabled her to transfer those same internal processes into music with greater fluidity.

As she continues to work on the follow up to the deep, atmospheric techno of ‘Encoding’, Fathia is also in the process of developing a party concept that is expected to see the light of day (or dark of the club) some time this year. In the meantime, she has served up an hour of hypnotic, magisterial techno for our Fresh Kicks series. Check it out below along with a quick Q&A to learn more about the fast rising DJ/producer...


Last album you listened to in full?

“George Michael - Ladies and Gentlemen (For the heart)”

Last film you watched?


Last DJ that blew your mind?

“That was definitely Kobosil. He played at PAL in Hamburg a couple of weeks ago. His set was super fresh from the beginning until the end. The energy he created blew my mind like nothing else in the last months. It was really special and inspired me to pursue what my heart desires soundwise.”

Favourite track of the year so far?

“Slam ‘Blue Dragon’”

 Favourite producer?

“This is difficult to answer but as I am forced to name only one I'd say Len Faki is always delivering. You can hear his handwriting on every track he is producing and at the same time his tracks are super diverse, never bore me.”

 Favourite place you've visited?


 What's the best club you've played at?

“Lost Beach Club in Montanita, Ecuador. The sound system is the bomb!”

 What's your proudest moment as an artist?

“There are some special nights where your own energy becomes one with the audience. I think everybody has at least one memory of a party where you can say that it was truly magic. I am talking about vibes and energy. And if it's you standing behind the decks being responsible for all this then this is the proudest moment in my opinion. You give and receive so much at that moment.”

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Eoin Murray is DJ Mag's digital staff writer. Follow him on Twitter @eoin_murraye