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Fresh Kicks 73: YENI

Fresh Kicks 73: YENI

The Cyborgs In Love boss goes deep... 

YENI joins out Fresh Kicks mix series with slickly blended collection of cerebral techno.

The Leipzig act crafts heady productions that are more-often-than-not subtle in their approach — atmospheric crescendos, entrancing basslines, et al. — yet always 100 percent club-ready.

Take her EP for her own Cyborgs In Love label, which opened scoring last year with a release by John Haden. YENI's record features three originals (plus remixes from Wigbert and Andres Camp) ranging from warbling acid (‘Axon’) to kooky dub (‘Holy Moly’) to the hypnotic bleeps of ‘Hang On’, the latter of which saw heavy rotation in podcasts and on the floor around its release

Behind the decks, YENI draws for a cavernous, driving techno; her sets flick between ominous brooding numbers and more euphoric territory. Expansive in more ways than one — a prime example being her Fresh Kicks mix, which you can listen to below.


Thomas Ragsdale 'The Hagg' [This Is It Forever]
Kris Wadsworth 'Kebechet' [BREED]
Sigha 'Black Massing (Wata Igarashi 'Dusk Falls' Remix)' [Token]
Yan Cook 'Dialogue' [Delsin Records]
Sterac 'Lately' [Klockworks]
Artefakt 'Return to Reason' [Delsin Records]
Cleric 'Nowhere Fast' [Soma Records]
YENI 'Flinke Finger' [Unreleased]
Ellen Allien 'Innocence (Truncate Remix)' [BPitch Control]
Alex Under 'Los Asaltantes' [Selected Records]
Architectural 'Electric Soul' [Just This]
Altman 'No Fx' [Just This]
Drumcomplex 'Freak' [Silver M]
DJ Marco Bailey 'Xyphring Hills (Vinyl Edition)' [Bonzai Classics]