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Fresh Kicks 97: Henry Greenleaf

Fresh Kicks 97: Henry Greenleaf

Broken techno and blistering bass from Bristol-based upstart Henry Greenleaf in our Fresh Kicks mix series...

22-year-old Henry Greenleaf is one of the young leading lights in the UK’s bass-led techno sphere. Relocating from his native London to Bristol after graduating from the same Creative Music Tech course in Bath Spa University as his favourites Addison Groove, Shackleton, Appleblim and the Timedance crew, he is carving a sound and reputation for himself that is rooted in richw, low-end, percussive sound.

The past year saw him releasing on emerging label Par Avion, which he also does the design for. He’s also been gigging more and more, with recent sets in Edinburgh, Lyon and, of course, Bristol.

His interest in all things bassy and weird started early, he tells DJ Mag. “My dad’s favourite music is Kraftwerk and roots Dub - so from a young age that’s where the techno and bass fascination came from. In 2006 he got a new computer that came with some music software (Garageband) and in 2007 I saw Benga at the Big Chill (I used to go every year with my family). I got obsessed with one track I’d heard him play but had no idea what dubstep was or how to change the tempo in the software. But I knew exactly what I wanted to make and how I wanted it to sound. It took another year or so to find out the track was Benga & Coki’s ‘Night’.”

The rest of 2019 is shaping up to be big for the young DJ/producer, with more gigs locked for London, Bristol Manchester and France. With tracks set to appear on compilations, three solo EPs locked for release before 2020 and a sneaky jungle side project also on the cards, you’d do well to keep your ears perked for what Henry Greenleaf has to offer.

For his Fresh Kicks mix, Greenleaf has served up an hour of fierce broken techno and blistering bass from friends and his own arsenal. “There’s new music from Agrippa, Sub Basics, Yak, Cabasa, Lambard, Lo Chi, Javano, Rob Fleck, Earth Movement, Foxmind, Harmless Youth and my own recent tunes (coming on Par Avion and Wellstreet Records).”

Check it out below.

Last track that blew your mind?

“Recently, Paula Temple’s ‘Deathvox’ and Perc’s remix of her ‘Colonized’ track”

Last film you watched?

“If I’m being honest it was the new Spiderman animation (which was brilliant). But that’s not a very cool answer... The last cool film I watched and loved was Jean-Jacques Beineix’s Diva from 1981 (big thanks dad for recommending)”

Last DJ that blew your mind?

“Bruce – He played everything from big techno and Beyonce to Nirvana and Aphex Twin’s remix of DMX Krew”

Favourite album to relax to?

“At the moment it’s still Tyler the Creator’s ‘Flower Boy’ and some old mixtapes – Souls of Mischief ‘’93 ’Til Infinity’, The B.U.M.S. ‘Lyfe’N’Time’ and Jeru the Damaja ‘Sub Rises In The East’

Favourite producer?

It’s still Paleman - years after first hearing him I’m still obsessing over his tracks, mixes and Instagram story jams. Although more recently a Paula Temple obsession has started to develop” 

What record is top of your wish list?

Oooh it’s a few! Paula Temple ‘Deathvox’, Karenn ‘Untitled’ on Works The Long Nights, Mari Kvien Brunvoll ‘Everywhere You Go (Villalobos Mixes)’... others”

What's the best club you've played at?

“Some of the funnest nights I’ve played actually weren’t in clubs. They were in Manor House’s warehouse district where my sister used to live. They’d hold big warehouse parties and sometimes let me come play a load of Jungle records”

Who would you most like to play b2b with?

“Agrippa all the time. We’ve played three b2bs I think - always too much fun. I’d love to play with Cabasa at some time in the future to see if I can get him to play some 2 Step and super heavy techno”

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