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We ask our favourite new acts some tough questions!

In the wake of their inaugural Fresh Kicks mix, that dropped yesterday via the DJ Mag Soundcloud, we sat down with up-and-coming disco house duo Snacks to say hi...

Last record you bought?
"We recently stumbled across our own record 'Purdie' The White Edition at Oye-Records, Kreuzkölln. It’s sold out and we gave all our promo copies away, so we're quite happy to have a copy for ourselves again! The last record we bought was Azymuth 'Maracana' fromThe Record Loft Berlin."

Last film you saw?
"Grandma's Boy. It's a geeky comedy. It was made in 2006, but it has that classic '90s feel to it, similar to Mallrats and other '90s greats. The main actor Allen Covert sports a sweet mullet throughout and kind of looks like Mel Gibson's brother. Not that cool, except in Braveheart!" Last club you visited?
"About the Get Deep Party at Blank to see our boy Charlie Smooth playing with Motor City Drum Ensemble in the garden. Best sunday afternoon ever!"

Last meal you ate?
"Two one meter pizzas. It was between 20 of us and we still couldn't finish them. We really tried as well, but could not conquer the beast. It takes four people to carry the pizza to the table. Ultimate snack!"

Last car you drove?
"A cab!" 

Last album you listened to in full?
"Doesn't happen that often these days, but J Dilla 'Donuts'."

Last mix you downloaded?
"The Bunker Podcast 99: The Black Madonna. Love her work."

Last person you played back-to-back with?
"We always play B2B. Rene vs. Aljoscha. The battle continues."

Last vinyl you spun?
"Sex On Toast 'Oh Loretta' — hilarious Australia humour!"

Last country you visited?
Aljoscha: "Italy — holiday in Tuscany."
Rene: "Poland — vodka smuggling run."

Last dream you remember?
"Dreaming of finishing all our musical ideas into complete mixed songs and handing them in on time. Never happens."

Listen to Snacks' Fresh Kicks mix below.