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Fusion DJ/Backpack

Fusion DJ/Backpack


It’s not often that we become excitable. In fact it’s a downright rare sight to see raised eyebrows and excited conversation when a new product comes our way. It’s even rarer when something as mundane as luggage elicits such a response. The new DJ Backpack from Fusion is what has been causing all the fuss, as well as some arguments among the Tech team over who gets to use it to carry their kit to gigs.

Considering how many DJ/producer bags are around for DJ use, it is surprising just how many of them are badly designed. The search for the perfect gig bag has become something of a never-ending quest. Often something functional looks like a reject from a Cyberdog design meeting, something stylish and chances are that it will fall apart within six months — and so the search continues.
But could it be that we have found the ultimate combination of style, quality and fantastic design in the shape of the Fusion DJ Backpack?

Fusion have made quite a name for themselves amongst musicians wanting to transport their guitars and instruments and the likes, but the world of DJing is very different to that of a guitarist. So are the baggage requirements. There are a lot of boxes to tick for any piece of luggage to be deemed ‘gig-worthy’.
Fusion have obviously done their homework and their DJ Backpack is the sort of product that can only come about as the result of bringing DJs into their design process, and combining it with all their years of experience creating quality instrument bags.

So what makes the perfect gig bag? For starters, today’s laptop-based DJs and performers need plenty of room for a laptop, hardware controller, headphones, audio interface, cables, as well as basic essentials like keys, mobile phones and anything else that might be needed at a moment’s notice. Added to that, to be truly useful a gig bag needs to be small enough to be carried onto planes as hand baggage when flying abroad, and still be able to hold a lot of your kit. Any gig bag worth its salt also needs to take an absolute hammering and not fall apart whilst keeping its good looks. Let’s face it, no matter how much anyone tries to tell you to the contrary, looks and image are important and no-one wants to rock up to a gig looking like a cross between Joe 90 and Urkel from Family Matters. Well, no one outside of Shoreditch anyway.

Fusion has done a great job styling the DJ Backpack using a black and grey colour scheme, which is simple and cool. An added advantage to the way Fusion have styled the DJ Backpack is that it doesn’t necessarily look like a DJ bag, which means the owner is less likely to get mugged of prized possessions en route to gig.
Lastly, but by no means least, a good bag needs to be comfortable enough to carry over long distances. Badly designed bags slip off shoulders, cause bad backs, sore arms, and — given the weight — often cause bruises and cuts, something we can attest to after years of DJing and trying out every bag and box under the sun.

Inside the bag is a padded laptop holder with a Velcro strap to secure it neatly in place. It’s big enough to hold a 17-inch laptop along with two other padded compartments that are completely removable. The first of these compartments is a pizza delivery-style bag that is big enough to easily hold an APC40, XONE DX or a Lemur. This internal sleeve has a Velcro flap at the top as well as zips at the sides, giving unhindered access to your kit without having to take it out of the bag.
The second compartment is a padded box with an open top and two internal dividers that can be removed to give more room. This will easily accommodate soundcards and other bits of your DJing kit.

This DJ Backpack unzips in a very clever way to allow access to all of the internal compartments within the bag. Pockets are to be found everywhere inside and outside the backpack in various shapes and sizes, some with zippers, some with Velcro, and more pockets than you could wish for.
Transporting the bag is a doddle and there are various choices available as to how the bag can be carried. It can be worn messenger style using the heavy duty, steel-reinforced rubber carry handle, or on the shoulder by means of the fully adjustable webbing strap with non-slip shoulder pad. Or it can be carried backpack style, where straps, chest harness and padded waist belt can be stored within the unique rear-padded lumber support pouch. All options are covered.

Fusion have created a thing of beauty, style and comfort with their DJ Backpack. They really have thought of everything and have made a truly unique product that will serve any DJ or laptop-based musician admirably for years to come.


Price   £99.00,
Contact   fusion-bags.com
Build Quality
Ease of Use   9.0
Features   9.0
Value for Money   9.0
Sound Quality   N/A
Hype   A well designed gig bag, packed full of compartments and pockets.
Gripe   For under a hundred pounds, what's to gripe about?
Conclusion   Oozing quality, functionality and looking cool as well, this could be the last gig bag you ever buy!
Overall Score   9/10