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Into the Future

With over 1.3 million page views last month alone digital DJ Mag is revolutionising the way you read!

It's time to take it to the next level! Your favourite music magazine is now available as DJmag Digital and - just like the physical publication - it packs a mighty punch!

Online subscribers previously received a PDF version of the mag, but they're currently discovering that the new digital magazine acts as an entirely interactive read.

Now readers around the world without access to the print version will experience the full hit, missing none of the good stuff from the physical mag - with extra features for good measure.

DJmag Digital's pages can be virtually 'turned' from one to the next. The digital version will be an exact replica of the print copy, minus the cover CD, but fully imbedded with links to music, ads and any websites mentioned in the text.

In addition, the mag will feature links to exclusive video and fresh content - the Tech section, for example, will give readers the opportunity to watch video demos of the latest kit and gizmos in action, helping them to have a better understanding of the kit they want to buy or try out.

It also allows readers to conduct fully interactive searches - much like flicking through the print mag to find your favourite section.

Get your free trial copy here .