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Garlands Founder Leaves To Run Rival Club

Garlands Founder Leaves To Run Rival Club

Garlands' founder Huey Garry is leaving the club night, to run a rival club night in Manchester.

The man who gave us one of the most decadent club nights in the UK has left behind his baby to work for a rival club 50 miles away.

Huey Garry, who founded Garlands in Liverpool 12 years ago, has joined Manchester's Twisted Elegance as director.

He will now front a nationwide tour for the house night and help run its events every Saturday at Manchester's Ampersand venue.

His double-agent move came in the midst of a falling out with the owner of the venue that hosts Garlands, which is also rather confusingly called Garlands.

"I stepped down as promoter at the beginning of the summer because I felt my relationship with the owner had deteriorated," said Huey.

"It's sad that the split couldn't have been more amicable.

"At its peak Garlands was one of the best clubs in the world.

"It will go on and I'm sure it will continue to do well without me.

"But Twisted Elegance is such an exciting prospect to be offered because it is on the cusp of greatness.

"The club sells out every week."

Huey insisted that Twisted Elegance won't just be Garlands in another venue.

He commented: "My plans are much more extravagant.

"I aim to build the kind of club tour every promoter dreams of booking, where the decor really does transform the club.

"Like Hed Kandi we have a really strong and distinctive music policy based around residents and, like Miss Moneypenny's, we have strong visuals that can make even the dullest venue look special.

"We're also going to making a movie at the tail end of next year that will probably see us barred from every after-party going."