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Get Connected!

Get Connected!

Get ahead with our essential industry guide

In this industry, contacts are everything. Making the right connections at the right time can propel your career in the dance music industry forward rapidly. Hence the importance of our essential industry reference – the DJ Black Book.

Within this book – out now for just £4.99 – you will find the contacts to help navigate your path through the international dance music industry. Whether you want to book one of the Top 100 DJs, find yourself an agent or approach record labels to sign your tune, this book will give you the necessary in-roads.

As a result of the internet, a few clicks of a mouse can unearth reams of information. But in this digital age, we believe the need for a reliable source of information is greater than ever. The Black Book should be your indispensable companion – so buy it now – keep it on your desk and always stay connected!

Don't get left behind for the sake of £4.99