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Get your rocks off!

Get your rocks off!

Promising regular live music and riotous after-parties, Ibiza Rocks launch a hotel for the next generation of White Isle hedonists.

Already responsible for injecting a newfound energy and musical spirit into San Antonio, the Ibiza Rocks crew are stepping up their takeover with the launch of their Ibiza Rocks Hotel - located a stone's throw from the Sunset Strip.
Formerly the Club Paradiso, the revamped and refitted hotel is aimed firmly at the late teens and early-20s market and boasts a 24-hour bar, three swimming pools and a five-a-side football arena, as well as its own club and music venue - Electric.
Live music is promised in here six nights a week, as well as the riotous Ibiza Rocks after-parties - Reclaim The Dancefloor - which move from Pacha's Global Room. Live comedy gigs will also take place weekly.

The best news, though, is that it won't break the bank to stay there. Three nights accommodation and entry to the launch party gig with The Enemy, on 31st May, racks up at an affordable £72 per person in a three-person studio.
"We're gunning after a new generation," says Ibiza Rocks' Andy McKay. "There are lots of great hotels on this island but none of them cater for the youth. Times are changing in Ibiza and it's this age group that are leading and picking up on the changes. It's this generation that will shape the future."

Given the fact that many of the leading-edge bands that Ibiza Rocks have championed are well within this age group - Arctic Monkeys for one - there's sound logic in Andy's visions. In sync with this, Ibiza Rocks head is also using the hotel to tap further into young new talent.
"There's a lot of amazing bands we really want to book that can't sell any tickets yet on their own name," he explains. "Having a live music venue in the hotel gives us the opportunity to bring in some really exciting upcoming acts that we wouldn't otherwise be able to."

As for the Ibiza Rocks gigs themselves, another season of the hottest bands around is booked up with The Enemy (31st May), The Pigeon Detectives (17th June), The Wombats (1st July) and We Are Scientists (22nd July). One of last year's most explosive performers, Soulwax return on 26th August, whilst Australian rock meets d&b renegades Pendulum will close the season with their Ibiza Rocks debut on 9th September.
Venues are yet to be announced, but due to the tightening up of Ibiza's previously relaxed live music licensing, Ibiza Rocks will be taking a step away from Manumission's Bar M.
"We'll be taking it to a number of different venues," explains Andy. "Most are open air and some have slightly larger capacities, which is helpful because we were selling out every time. On one hand the intimacy was a special quality but there's two sides - when you've got 3000 people spilling out on to the beach who can't get in to see the Artic Monkeys you need to find a balance.
"Ibiza Rocks is growing and expanding," he adds. "But it's not outgrown Bar M by any shape or means. For me, Bar M is still very much the spiritual home of Ibiza Rocks."

Straight from the horse's mouth

Ibiza's new licensing restrictions on club opening times in black and white...
Rumours are rife about Ibiza's newly enforced licensing laws for clubs, so let us put you straight. From now on, all clubs must be closed between 6am and 4.30pm.
"Clubs must stop music at 6am," says Island Director for Citizen Relations Paco Chamizo. "By 7am they must be empty and have their doors closed. In San Antonio, small music bars can open at midday."

Opinions are inevitably split on the new law. On the one hand, it means we wave goodbye to those epic 22-hour We Love... marathons and morning messiness at DC10. But then many seasoned clubbers rarely turned up to either before midday at the earliest anyway.
It also arguably reduces - at least in theory - the number of casualties (in all senses of the word) although it remains to be seen if it will simply push our desire for round-the-clock hedonism further underground into the fields, caves and villas on the island. At least we won't have to shell out the price of a flight for a round of drinks in any of those...