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Tim Simenon returns with new Ghost Capsules Project

Tim Simenon of Bomb The Bass, his late '80s-formed project that had a big hit with early sampling record 'Beat Dis', has been talking to DJ Mag about his new band project, Ghost Capsules. 
“Doing Ghost Capsules is simply another way of exploring different areas of music that I enjoy,” Tim says. “I was touring the [2010] ‘Back To Light’ album in Austria and hit it off with the support band that featured drummer Roman Lugmayr and keyboard player Georg Lichtenauer,” Tim continues. “So much so that I decided to relocate from Amsterdam to Vienna. Here the missing piece for the Ghost Capsules jigsaw was found in singer Laura Gomez, who I had booked to play at one of my club nights.”

Full of sleazy velveteen electro tunes, the Ghost Capsules album is a precursor to a series of live shows, kicking off in their current home country of Austria in the summer, Tim tells DJ Mag.

Bomb The Bass shot to prominence alongside sample-happy acts such as Coldcut and M/A/R/R/S in the late '80s. After a few Top 10 dance hits, 1991 single 'Love So True' was blacklisted by the BBC in a fit of over-zealous censorship as a result of the first Gulf War.

As well as Bomb The Bass being banned, Massive Attack had to change their name to 'Massive' in case, somehow, their name offended anyone.
Tim Simenon has been working ever since Bomb The Bass first broke through, whether in collaboration with Gui Boratto and krautrock-style band Fujiya & Miyagi or through continuing Bomb The Bass work. The sixth Bomb The Bass album, 'In The Sun', is out later this year.