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Gilles Peterson Podcast

Gilles Peterson Podcast

Gilles Peterson will launch a special podcast to showcase Brazilian music and culture. The leftfield DJ has teamed up with Brazilian beer company Troca Brahma.

DJ Gilles Peterson and Brahma Beer will release a series of six cutting-edge podcasts at the beginning of August, which are a downloadable musical and cultural guide to Brazil.

The special podcasts feature interviews between Gilles and some of the giants of Brazil's music scene, as well as live music and a DJ mix of Brazilian tracks.

Brahma will also be presenting a series of Troca Brahma events across the UK, as part of their Brazilian exchange programme.

Six diverse UK acts will visit Brazil to engage and collaborate with some of
Brazil's leading producers and musicians.

Then all of them will return to the UK to perform at the events in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh at the end of July.

Peterson has long been a fan of Brazilian music, and his new 'Back To Brazil' CD showcases his love for Baile funk and Sao Paulo's underground electronica.

The Brahma Podcasts will be available to download exclusively from from August 1st.