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New website opens dance music's vaults

The arcane knowledge of electronic music's formative years was once the preserve of high and mighty, second-hand record shop employees. Now updates crate-digging for the dust-free digital age.

An offshoot of, almost one million tracks focus on classic labels including disco from West End Records, orbital rave and jungle from Reinforced and Suburban Base, Harthouse and Eye Q's '90s trance, plenty of original acid house, and techno from Underground Resistance and R&S.

With fully legal, high-quality MP3s and WAVs of valuable tracks to download for £1.49, and a list of labels, the site also highlights featured old school classics, alongside interviews with artists like 4 Hero, to provide a rave history insight.

“Before this, they were in the back of the warehouse, so to speak,” explains director Ed Real. “Tracks were delivered in bulk, but because they're old, they often weren't featured. We've turned digital detectives.”