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Hand 2 Hand combat

Hand 2 Hand combat

Tone2 release Gladiator soft synth

Bold claims come from soft synth heads Tone2 this week as they release the powerhouse Gladiator synth with revolutionary HCM synthesis. The latest acronym stands for Harmonic Content Morphing, allowing waves to be modulated producing lively shimmering sounds, alongside more traditional FM and AM techniques. The 'do it all' synth could easily become a one stop shop for dance producers and Mac and PC users can get in on the action for £99 from the download store at Tone2 Audio demos and a PC software demo are also up on the site.

Synthesis features LI>Advanced HCM (new synthesis, unique sounds)

  • FM
  • AM
  • PWM (can be applied on every waveform)
  • Sync
  • Phase modulation / PM
  • Vocoder sounds (512 bands)
  • Waveshaping
  • Supersaw (can be applied on every waveform)
  • Additive sounds (512 harmonics)
  • Resynthesis sounds
  • Phase distortion
  • Sample playback
  • Real stereo
  • 18 oscillators per voice
  • 74 different oscillator types with 30208 waveforms
  • Additional user defined waveforms with modifiers
  • Aliasfree / 162x oversampling (sample playback)
  • Modular routing