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Hands On

Hands On

We tried out the prototype of the Numark NS7, but was it any good?

Talking of more professional kit, we checked out the NS7 Midi controller too, which was out of its glass cabinet at PLASA for the first time.

The scratch was totally solid and the platters felt really nice to scratch with. The mixer is also quite a performer so it's a big thumbs up in this department.

The fact the NS7 comes completely preconfigured with the included Serato Itch is a major bonus, and you don't need to use the Serato Scratch Live box either to work with your existing Serato Scratch Live software.

It will cost £1199, but we weren't so convinced by its huge size and the lack of inputs to bring any other hardware sound sources into the mix.

It really is just a Midi controller with built-in soundcard and little else, but if spinning platters are a must, there is literally nothing to compete with it.