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Hazy memories!

Hazy memories!

It's time for Kissdafunk's Rob Tiserra to blow away those cobwebs, as we ask... Do you remember...

…your first time on the island?
"It goes without saying! It was back 1992. Me, my girlfriend at the time and about six of my closest mates came over and I ended up having one of the best summers of my life. I'd been through the acid house revolution in '88 but this was a whole new level of experience. A bit of a life changer!"

…your first set in Ibiza?
"That was at Eden in 1998. It was the first year that Dave Pearce did his Dance Anthems on the isle. It was in the days when trance was massive. I'd just released 'The Day Will Come' as Quake and remixed tracks like Armin's 'Communication'. I played it at the peak of the night and the place went off when I dropped 'The Day Will Come'. That moment will live with me forever."

…the last time you got properly messy in Ibiza?
"That would be last year at In Bed with Barbara Tucker at Space. We'd had Kissdafunk at Kanya, on Monday, I'd somehow managed to forget to go to bed and played Tidy at Es Paradis Tuesday, so ended up here on Wednesday morning. I unlocked a new level of debauchery - it's always good to test the boundaries every now and again!"

…the best meal you've had in Ibiza?
"Got to be L'Elephant in 2000. Simply the best lobster I've ever had although I have to say that Wipp's on the San Antonio Plaza does a mean ham salad baguette!"

…the first Kissdafunk party in Ibiza?
"That was with Garlands at Eden in 2005 and a boat trip on the same day. Filthy Rich, Huey and Dave, Marc Leaf and myself played and it was probably the best day I've ever had on the Devil's Isle. There were Muscle Marys in snorkel masks and pink wigs, my business partner Tolley had been out for four days and was wearing a gorilla suit."

…the maddest thing you've see in Ibiza?
"Probably Ralph Lawson snorting a chopped up green chilli at the Basics villa in 1994. Dave Beer challenged Ralph to a chill snorting competition for a tenner. Ralph snorted one up and Dave just turned round and gave him a tenner, laughing!"