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Hook 'n' Sling

Hook 'n' Sling

We're hooked
on this DJ/
house and
breaks collision

SYDNEY-based house cat Hook 'n' Sling, also known as Anthony Maniscalco, is getting a lot of peeps excited. With only a handful of releases to his name for labels such as Cr2 and Hussle 'n' Bussle, he's already cultivated a reputation as a producer. But it's his eviscerating DJ sets that are really getting clubbers hot under the collar. With an open-minded approach on the decks, Maniscalco spins a dancefl oor-shredding pile-up of breaks and tough electro-house, mixing in dirty Miami bass and B-More a cappellas to get the crowd just that bit more amped.

His ridiculous skills are documented on his debut mix album 'Chew The Fat! at The End Presents Hook 'n' Sling', out now on Fat! - a dope dossier of obese breaks and house ranging from the mirrorball thump of Margot Meets the Melody Maker's 'Torch' to the dark crunch of Koma & Bones' remix of 10 Rapid's 'Master System'. Catching the ears of Paul Arnold and the rest of the Fat! massive, who are currently in the process of expanding their musical blueprint beyond the realm of breaks, they invited Maniscalco to step up.

"I've known Paul from Fat! for a few years now," the DJ reveals. "Back in the day when I was a little unknown bedroom producer, I sent a few of my tracks over to him for some feedback and a bit of guidance. We've pretty much kept in touch since then."

Naming himself after Eddie Bo's seminal rare groove classic 'Hook 'n' Sling', the funk is very much part of his sound, but Manisculco's not a purist about where it comes from. "I come from a musical background, but I never really came in from a dance or rave angle like a lot of guys," he ponders. "I'm not too genre-conscious. The compilation is a good example of what I mean - just good music. I've chatted to heaps of 'so-called' music purists. You see them one week stroking their chin to a certain song and then you see them the week after in the same club, to the same track, gurning off their tits on the podium. I've come to realise there aren't as many music purists out there as we think," Maniscalco chuckles.

Blending between the commercial and resolutely underground, Hook 'n' Sling's punky, irreverent style is what makes his sets so addictive and refreshing. Right now he's focused on his gigs, but there may be an album of his own productions to come - just don't hold your breath.

"You need 12 tracks for an album, don't you? I think I've only released three originals in my career so far. Better get working, hey?" Manisculco grins.