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How To DVJ - A Digital DJ Masterclass

How To DVJ - A Digital DJ Masterclass

The long-awaited book has finally reached our shores. How To DVJ is the complete guide for DVJers

How to DVJ is the manual for the 21st Centuary DJ, incorporating all the modern advances in digital technology. Covering the basics from scratch, beatmatching and mixing to advanced mage manipulation such as wipes, layering and fades, How To DVJ will unleash your creativity and take you from the bedroom to Ibiza.

How To DVJ comes as book and DVD. The DVD contains tutorials from setting up your DVJ to mixing a complete set. It also has a number of royalty free clips.

Duncan Dick of Mixmag says "The God father of DVJing hass written the definitive book on the subject. Don't ever consider taking up DVJing without reading this book. Well-written, instructive, and absolutely essential. This is the bible for the 21st Century DJ."

Lesley Wright, editor of DJ Mag says "Kriel is the Oracle of DVJing and this book opens the door into tomorrow's futuristic DJing world today."

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