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Henrik Schwarz, Ame and Dixon at Plastic People

Ahhhh, how we love the People. The one venue that marches on in pure obliviousness to the die-cast trends that sweep the often self-perpetuating dance scene of the East End. Instead it concerns itself with housing nights that celebrate the up and coming, smaller, or more niche musical genres around - broken beat, dubstep, future jazz, folk - you name it and they've probably got it in the mix somewhere. Then occasionally they'll pepper their staple programme with some of the most exclusive one-off showcases around.

Tonight is one such night, with Germany's mighty Innervisions label taking to the club's unique confines. Âme's Kristian and label head Dixon kick things off. Their plush Detroit-licked house, seductively deep and atmospheric, sweeps the floor picking up flecks of acid, jazz and soul along the way - each element sewn together both creatively and seamlessly. But as unique and refreshing as their weaving is, it's not a patch on Dixon's shirt tonight: pretty special stuff believe us.

As they come to the end of their respective stints, a clearly excited Henrik Schwarz readies himself. The dark abyss that is the dance floor at PP is now full to bursting. We're barely three tunes in and Henrik's already straddling the mixer with some serious vigour. His intricate, elegant and almost otherworldly house sounds quite incredible when shot through the People's stupendous system. Before long he's leaping up and down like a loon with the crowd adoringly mimicking his every bounce. Schwarz's last tune rings out and the darkened mass is left sweating, exhausted but most definitely still wanting more.

While this may have been Henrik's big live album party, and he duly rocked it, all three did their duty in fine, fine fashion. This was after all a showcase - and showcase one of the most vital and inventive stables in house music this trio most certainly did. Yep, more of this please.