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Isle of Skye's New Wave: Williams

Isle of Skye's New Wave: Williams

He comes from Isle of Skye, is mates with Mylo, and makes wicked underground techno. Meet Williams.

Isle of Skye's most famous dance music export may be the ubiquitous Mylo, but another resident from the desolate Scottish island is starting to make a name for himself.

Over the last 18 months, Williams has released killer tunes and remixes on Adrift, and Great Stuff, has remixed The Knife, as well as contribute to Mylo's worldwide hit album 'Destroy Rock 'n' Roll'.

Now he's launched his own label Love Triangle Music, with David Ross, the bloke who did the artwork for Williams stunning LP 'Love Crisis' on Glasgow Underground.

Ross will design all the artwork for the label.

"Williams wants to have the freedom to produce music on his own terms, while I want to ensure I have the freedom with design and art direction," said Ross.

"We hope to create an outlet for high quality electronic music, and the main goal is to release music from new producers interested in thinking beyond the dancefloor."

The first tune to be released on the label is a dancefloor destroyer from Williamsn himself - 'The Shivering' is currently doing the business on the cooler dancefloors.

Not least, due to a remix from relative unknowns Pitch & Hold, who were the catalyst for the label's inception after Ross and Williams stumbled across them on Myspace.

With early support from Tiga, Deep Dish, and Alexkid, we expect big things for Love Triangle Music in 2007, not least because every dance producer Isle of Skye has churned out so far has gone on to become a chart-topping legend.

Maybe it's something in the water?