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This is Issst!

This is Issst!

As resident DJ at London's infamous, acclaimed underground Issst parties, and label boss of Tsuba Records, Kevin Griffiths knows a thing or two about what makes a dancefloor tick.

Now he's entered the production fray himself, with a fresh single called 'Jaguar Shoes' - out 27th September - that's already on rotation in the coolest clubs. An ice-cool metallic echo mixed with a chunky, crisp beat and snatches of dark synth melody, it's an instantly recognisable technoid beast that bodes extremely well as Griffiths' first excursion into the production realm.

"I've been meaning to do it for a while actually and finally got around to it," explained the established DJ. "I've been DJing for the best part of 10 years and when I started Tsuba I never had plans to go into production, but then the label was getting a good reputation, the DJing was going really well, and if you really want to take that seriously, you need to have records out. And I really enjoyed making the track so I've kind of got the buzz now."

Griffiths has also mixed the new 'Issst' compilation - out now on Global Underground - the second in a series of comps to pay tribute to the club. Over two CDs, the resident displays the full spectrum of the club's sound, which runs the gamut from roughneck house to the deeper, dirtier techy sonics it's become famed for.

"The last Issst mix was one CD, which was hard to fit everything in, so having two has made it easier really. CD1 is more noisy acid house music, whereas the second disc is probably more where I'm at as a DJ right now, a bit deeper."

Meanwhile, Kevin's Tsuba imprint is poised to unleash a torrent of quality releases.

"My next thing is another EP from David K, which has got a Samim mix that's really good, and there's my single as well as singles from Motor City Soul, Eric Borgo and Danton Eeprom on the way. I've got loads of stuff but you can only really put out one a month!" he grins. Kevin Griffiths has got the dancefloor on lock.