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It's A Good Look

Artist, DJ and producer, Chelonis R Jones has a unique style we like the look of.

There's a compelling charm to producer / artist Chelonis R Jones and clearly a whole lot more to him than his ability to craft delicious electro house tuneage. New York born Chelonis is a conceptual songwriter and a cosmosexual purveyor of art.

"My paintings are exactly the opposite of my poems, they are vivid, geometric, naïve, harsh, abstract. In my website I go through 7 styles, which I've invented and usually return to oils, mixed media, collages etc." His take on fashion is equally as varied, "Dior, Gucci, vintage from Paris, Berlin and New York City. I adore Galliano, Tom Ford, Yamamoto and flurry glam thangs. Female high fashion garb is a usual must for inbetween days, when I'm feeling 'Gracey' (Jones), or less beefcake!"

He's out there alright and so is his latest album 'Chatterton'.