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Get to know wacky German duo andhim

Cologne duo andhim are funny guys. In their biog they claim to have met at a Bavarian sausage-eating contest when they were facing each other in the final round. Although they tell DJ Mag that they met on pervy webcam voyeurism site Chat Roulette. 
“I saw Tobi jerking off and fell in love immediately,” Simon says, smiling.

Tobi started off as a turntablist, although he tells DJ Mag that he was always interested in all kinds of music. “As a turntablist you are searching for the perfect samples and sounds to create your own kind of music,” he says. “That can be everything.

Simon, meanwhile, was hanging out with jazz musicians in his teens — which may explain his fondness for a beard these days. “Absolutely, beards are the new black,” he drawls.

“But you have to clean them from the leftovers from time to time.”
In 2010 they started releasing their music onto an unsuspecting public, although they say that they're very meticulous about finishing tracks. “We set a high value on detail,” says Tobi. “Which is actually very good because it keeps us from releasing too much.”

Their cool deep house productions have found favour with labels like Monaberry, Terminal M, Sunset Handjob and, latterly, Get Physical, for whom they're playing some Ibiza shows this summer. They tell DJ Mag they're going to be sharing a villa with the M.A.N.D.Y guys from Get Physical, and that they're both going to look 10 years older by the time the season ends.

The andhim guys call their house music 'super house', “because it is all about the feeling you get. Our house is like having sex for the first time. You're coming real quick, but you wanna do it again instantly.”

It's when they play out that they really come alive, utilising Tobi's turntablism skills and showcasing their louder-than-life characters. They're conscious, though, of having the tunes to back up any wackiness. “You have to be authentic, in your productions as well as in your appearance,” they say.
So how many times a day do they say 'andhim'? “Countless. We also say words like rich, horny, champagne, stinky balls or bogey quite often.”