The Pryda Friend's mix and chat with DJ Mag

Fresh of touring with Pryda Friend Fehrplay, opening for Eric Prydz on his EPIC 2.0 dates, Jeremy Olander is still on the move. He recently released Vivrant Radio mix, for which he used his darker techno pseudonym, Dhillon and is gearing up to spin mega club, Hollywood Avalon.

We sat down with Olander for a head-to-chat about his live act, moniker swapping and more. Check it below after his exclusive DJ Mag mix.

DJM: For those who may not have seen it what can we expect from your live show?
Jeremy Olander: I like to try and show people music that they might not have heard so you get those 'whoa' moments out of them. When I started going to shows back in the day, I loved to hear a lot of new stuff. It’s so unpredictable and you have no idea what's gonna happen next. But that's magical. I would also say that going on a journey together with the audience is part of the experience as well. Not just the same sounds over and over for two hours, that wouldn't be interesting.

What's the difference between the Jeremy Olander moniker vs Dhillon?
The JO stuff is more on the melodic side of things. Dhillon is more drum oriented and a bit darker as well. I play stuff from both at shows, but its more on the JO side. Its fun to get to do two slightly different styles, but I also think its important to keep the two of them separated since that is what's so cool about having the two. I would love to add a new moniker to the list as well some day.

Who is your favorite DJ altar ego any why?
I've never DJed live as Dhillon, but its something I really want to try. As a producer it changes from time to time. Sometimes I'm really into the super dark sounds of techno, and sometimes I'm into more melancholic stuff! So it just depends on when you ask me. At the moment i think I'm more into happy sounds, just longing for the summer.

You're about to play your first US show of the year at Avalon Hollywood on Feb 22, what are your thoughts going into the show?  Any special plans?
I’ve been there a couple of times, but I’ve never played. So I'm glad to finally get to spin there, and looking at the upcoming shows there with people like Digweed and Cattaneo playing, I'm confident people will connect with the music. Also I'm playing together with my good mate Jonas, aka Fehrplay, which is always fun. We have great chemistry in the booth since we have played quite a lot together.

Are you still planning on moving to the US?  
Yes I am! I wish it was easier, but I'm also a very comfortable guy. Everything is running smoothly in Stockholm, but there isn't much going on here in the far north! California is definitely the place I want to be in and LA has always been the primary plan, but I'm starting to look a bit at San Francisco as well. We'll see what happens.

What can we expect from you musically in the coming months?
I've been very productive these past couple of months - some of my most productive ever! Now it’s just about working out what to release and what to not and also where to release it. But I'm setting up a release plan for the upcoming 6 months soon I think. Sounds–wise I, gotta say its all very diversified and maybe a bit different, but i feel i gotta keep on trying out new things instead of getting locked into a certain routine. Im sure it will show up in various sets over the coming months so people can hear it! 

Huxley, Sam Russo - Don't Understand (Matt Tolfrey's EC1 Mix)
M.A.N.D.Y. - Superstitious (Chaim Remix)
Ambassador - The Fade (Guy J Remix)
Tom Middleton - WYV AUW CHU
Nick Dow - Electrolysis
Henry Saiz - It's Not Over (Joel Mull's Resmoosh Mix)
Chymera - Tidal
Dhillon - Bullies
Aphex Twin & MP - Polynomial C (Maceo Plex Edit)
Terranova - Question Mark feat. Tomas Hoffding (KiNK feat. Rachel Row Remix)