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Job's a Good 'Un!

Job's a Good 'Un!

The Ibiza Job Centre

Want to spend your summer out in Ibiza, but need to earn some wedge along the way? Dead set on that gig as a podium dancer in your favourite club on the White Isle? The Ibiza Job Centre has the solution. Rather than dive into the Ibizan job market haphazardly, the IJC can help you into gainful employment. With jobs ranging from chef to computer programmer, PR to yoga teacher, there's an occupation to suit everyone.

Based online at, the site offers job seekers the chance to upload their CVs for free, and to scour online classifieds and available accommodation from the comfort of their armchairs. Operative all year round, IJC also advertises winter jobs for those who want to stay on the island long term.

CVs are automatically matched to suitable vacancies, and job seekers even have the chance to upload videos of themselves for that all-important first impression.

"Ibiza Job Centre was born out of a real need - there was no sure-fast way of finding a job or staff on the island," said founder Suzy Huggett. "Working as a freelance hairdresser I've seen people running around like headless chickens on both sides – either looking for work or desperate for staff. I wanted to help connect people and felt a more professional approach was needed as the island continues to evolve."

Businesses can check out the site for themselves with the offer of one FREE vacancy upload, after which they receive a list of reference-checked job seekers suitable for the job in the question. Vacancy uploads can cost as little as €25. The site is also packed with useful, relevant extras such as bus time tables, taxi numbers and more. It could make your Balearic dream come true!