Hardwell scribes the last chapter of Revealed on Tour with Dannic and Dyro

Revealed’s North American Bus Tour has seen its final performance. DJ Mag was there every step of the way capturing each moment of the whirlwind adventure starring Hardwell, Dannic and Dyro. 

Our ongoing Jockey Journal featured intimate re-tellings from the road, all leading this final entry from Hardwell. If you missed Hardwell’s first  or second entry, prior journal entries from Dannic or Dyro, then go back and relive 2014's Revealed Tour through the eyes of the DJ-superstars.

Capping it all off is DJ Mag’s #1 DJ, Hardwell:

04/19/2014                   Bryce Jordan Center                       State College PA

So the tour is now over and sat in here in the bus, for what is the final time, and I’m part sad and part happy. It’s been an incredible adventure...literally every single show was wall-to-wall with the fans going utterly wild for the music; so much love in the room each night! I can’t fault the passion and dedication the guys on the dancefloor showed us. These shows were some of the highlights of my career and travelling by bus is just such an amazing way to connect with the fans. I’ve loved every single minute of it. From being on stage each night to the crazy after-parties to watching Dannic and Dyro squabble over being the better gamer or spending quality time with the Revealed family and meeting new and old fans along way, it’s been a rollercoaster ride but one of the best experiences of my life.

The final show was quite an emotional event because of course it was our last show on the tour, so we all spent a lot of time putting loads of effort into our sets. Dannic and I worked on some ideas together, and Dyro put in some suggests. We were all sharing our ideas and how we wanted the night to go. It was really important for us to make the last date of the tour something truly memorable for the fans and also for ourselves. On reflection I am really happy with how the party went; I don’t think we could have topped it!! Such an amazing experience and what a way to conclude what has been a hugely successful and immensely fun bus tour.....I can’t wait to do it again very soon! I’ve already spoken with Dyro and Dannic and the Revealed team and we’re going to look at options for doing another one in the near future. 

Before I close this final diary entry I would like to thank all of the fans that came out to see us at each of the 10 dates, you guys were amazing! I’d also like to thank all the fans out there who followed our travels on the road via the website and also on our socials pages. We’re all really grateful for the continued support you guys have shown us throughout this tour. It has been something very special for each of us.

Dannic: “echoing what Hardwell just said...thank you guys for making this such a memorable and emotional journey for us! “

Dyro: “same from me too, thanks for the support and passion you all showed on us this tour. You guys are incredible”

See you on the dancefloor soon!

Hardwell x

PS and least we forget thanks to all the guys at DJ Magazine!"

Photo Credit: Joep van Aert