Touring around the world with Stefano Noferini

Italy's tech house stallion Stefano Noferini is an undisputed titan of his scene. Whether it's slamming mixes for Toolroom or huge collaborations with Mark Knight, as with October's 'That Sound', Stefano's gritty, militant weapons can be found rocking heaving dancefloors — of all different sizes — in every corner of the world on any given weekend. Pretty much on tour non-stop, he's consistently brought carnage to spots in South America, Europe and the States in 2013. Here are some of his most memorable moments...

Pacha, Buenos Aires
“I feel special vibes for Latin countries and Buenos Aires is one of the cities where I feel more at ease. It's not only a matter of the music. They really love underground techno and tech house — the music I play — and know every single angle of it, but the other big thing you feel is that people are really welcoming. And they really love to party. I have a special habit: before a DJ set I usually try to drink coffee with Sambuca, cos it's a typical Italian liquor. It's so hard to find it abroad, but it is fun! And in Buenos Aires I usually find it, so that’s cool. I played in Pacha Buenos Aires for New Year’s Eve — it was many months ago, but I still recall the energy of that party. I played at least six hours; when I played that set I knew that the clubbers and I felt the same emotion. It was contagious.”

Deeperfect Label Event, Desmet Studios, Amsterdam (ADE)
“I was really happy with our first ADE Official party. It wasn't easy, as during that week there were so many good parties, and people who are in town for ADE are spoiled for choice. But the result was great. We transformed a TV studio into a club, so the sound quality was unbelievable and the visuals were awesome. The venue was intimate, so the atmosphere was great. In the end, I played back-to-back with Hollen; everyone involved did such a great job. And I love Amsterdam: I love to eat only local food, usually in easy, family-run places. And the city is full of those kind of places! Next to our hotel last time there was a great Greek deli. On 29th November at Pacha London we have another Deeperfect Party. I'll play with Marco Bailey and Macromism. I'm really looking forward to this event.”


Sun City Music Festival, El Paso, USA
“I played on the Beatport stage last summer, with artists including Popof, Sebastien Leger and Josta. At a lot of festivals all the attention is concentrated on the main stage, but at Sun City this is not the case. A lot of clubbers come here from all over the States and Mexico just to dance to the best underground music. The lighting system was simply fantastic; one the best I've ever seen! And the organization was perfect, as it tends to be at festivals in the US... plus, there were tons of people, more than 20,000. When you have such a big crowd in front [of you], you can experiment more. You don't have to please them all, you can just let go and everyone who wants to can fly with you! If I remember rightly, I closed my set there with 'Doesn't Matter' by The Chemical Brothers.”

Culture Box, Copenhagen
“It's one of the most underground clubs of the city and for sure one of my favourite gigs of the last months. You can breathe the real underground vibe of the town in a place like that. The clubbers were simply fantastic, they loved the music and pushed me somehow to go further, never compromising at all. I love Copenhagen a lot because after and before my gigs I can 'waste' a lot of time in tiny record shops. I use a laptop now for my performances, but I still love vinyl — as anyone who began as a DJ many many years ago does…”

Toolroom Ten Takeover, Ministry of Sound, London
“I regularly play at Ministry of Sound, at least twice a year, and each time I love it. For me it will always be one of the most important clubs in the world. The soundsystem is incredible and the quality of the events is so high. I played the main stage with Mark Knight for the Toolroom Ten Takeover a few weeks ago. Many friends of mine who live in London came, so it was a real party for me. I love British clubbers too: in the beginning it's not as easy to pull them in, but once you have them you can play anything, from tech house to techno, and go on a real journey. I think I closed my set with Dusty Kid 'Chentu Mizas', a track that I really love.”

Pacha, New York
“I've played at Pacha many times, in many different Pacha clubs around the world, but it's never enough. If you are a DJ, it is paradise on earth... and Pacha New York is no exception. Clubbers in the Big Apple are used to the best of the best, so you have to deliver the sounds you have in your heart; only then it will create emotion... for me that’s not difficult, as New York moves me. For me it's not only an American city, it's the centre of the world. Every time I go there I take some time to walk in Central Park and do absolutely nothing!”