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John Dählback Interview

John Dählback Interview catches up with one of dance music's youngest stars, 20-year-old John Dählback, to discuss family rivalries, and remixing Crazy Frog.

John Dählback has just released his debut artist album 'Man From The Fall' - an ethereal achievement, because he's just 19-years old.

Whilst most people his own age are busy getting pissed down their university bar, this Swedish wonder kid has been producing corking techno and house for the last couple of years.

There's a in-depth interview with John Dählback in the latest issue of DJmag, and here, catches up with the producer in his studio to discuss family rivalries, getting old, and the worst record of all time.

Your debut artist album is called 'Man From The Fall'. When was the last time you fell over?

A few weeks ago I tripped over my shoelaces in the subway. It was painful.
'Man From The Fall' has religious connotations. Do you think God likes techno?

No, I think God reckons techno is a bit too deep. He probably doesn't get it. I think he's a massive gabber fan though.

You and your cousin Jesper are both well-known producers. But who's better?

Me by far, but Jesper's okay too.

John checks out his special hihat edit of Crazy Frog on his iPod
What else do you and Jesper compete about?

Everything really. Who's got the best clothes, the coolest haircut, who can eat the most in one minute, who can run faster, who's got the coolest friends and so on.

We use to set up these competitions every Sunday and compete in all these categories I named above.

What's the best thing about being young?

I still have hair, that's the best thing about being young. You know not that many kids take good care of their hair these days, it just makes me sick.

What's the worst thing about being young?

I've still got hair. It's just freaking annoying to have to make your hair look cool everyday. It makes me sick.

What's the worst record you've ever heard, and how could you make it better?

Probably Crazy Frog because the snare was rubbish. If I could have changed the snare it would have been a much bigger hit.

If you had all the money in the world, what would you buy for your studio?

A make-your-own-Coca Cola- machine of course.

The world is ending in 10 mins. What record would you play?

Crazy Frog, but with the new snare I added.