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Korg mini-KP Kaoss Pad

Korg mini-KP Kaoss Pad

The Korg Kaoss Pad technology is now available at almost half the price with the introduction of the new mini-KP multiple effects unit.

For those who couldn't quite afford one of the coolest effects unit's on the planet, Korg have followed up the recently released Kaoss Pad 3 (£299) with the new and incredibly dinky mini-KP at less than half the price.

The mini-KP offers the same principal control that other Kaoss Pads offer with an X/Y touch pad. Use this to trigger and then adjust multiple effect settings.

There are 100 programmes available, which include essentials such as filters, reverbs and delays, as well as more unique effects such as a low-high-band pass filter that can cut specific frequency ranges.

There's a decimator that intentionally degrades the audio quality for unique sound possibilities; a looper and pitch shifter that captures and repeats incoming audio, retuning it in real-time as the pad is manipulated; many BPM-synced effects; plus synth sounds derived from the KP3's RADIAS-inspired engine.

The mini KP takes on a lot of the cool new improvements found on the KP3, such as adjustable effect 'tails' for smooth transitions when you release an effect. And while touching the pad to apply an effect, the Hold function can be used to freeze the current effect setting so the user can remove their finger from the unit.

Two Memory Keys store the selected effect program, the Hold function on/off status, and the effect depth for instant recall.

A TAP/BPM button detects the BPM (tempo) to synchronize the mini-KP to an audio input source, or can be manually tapped to adjust the tempo.

The mini-KP can also operate in a direct-connection mode or via a send from a mixer, for integration into any system. To top it all off, the mini-KP can be battery operated and will literally fit in a shirt pocket, making it perfect for taking around to gigs for use with the decks, guitars, portable CD players; whatever you like!

Korg mini-KP
Price: £129
Released: Mid Feb
Contact: korg.co.uk / +44 (0) 1908 857100