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Free Moombahton comp from Jon Kwest

The fact that Justin Bieber is allegedly featuring dubstep on his new album provides a cloudless view of the inevitable backlash sitting, arms-crossed and biding it's time on the not so distant horizon. So it's easy to image the ever creeping sound of Moombahton, a cross between Dutch house and reggaeton which emerged from the imagination of Dave Nada in 2009, in a Rocky training montage as it prepares for its shot at the crown.

Since it's WMC time, we have an exclusive 'Winter Moombah Conference' compilation from DC-based Jon Kwest. With Kwest picking out 15 tracks from key-players like Pickster & Melo, Cam Jus, Boyfriend and Apt One, plus a handful of his own productions, it's an eye-opener to the breadth of the sound which takes in dubstep, Latin cumbia, soul, bashment and hip-hop, and is curently making it's way into Europe from its US roots. So go slow and get low.

Download 'The Winter of Moombahton 2012: Winter Moombah Conference'

 Winter Of Moombahton 2012 tracklist 

1. Cam Jus - Phantom Elements
2. Jon Kwest - Scanner
3. Apt One - Locked
4. Canamajoso - Canamo (instrumental mix)
5. DJ Madd OD - El Tropical
6. Guapo Feo - Spanish Fever
7. Nate Metro - I Want Sundays Back
8. Kovary - Everybody Knows My Name
9. Pickster & Melo - Overnight Sensation
10. Kid Cedek - Chingoteo
11. Don Valdez - La Llorona
12. Jon Kwest - Trick Baby
13. Cy Kosis - Club Massacre
14. Boyfriend & Krinjah - Yuh Body Good
15. Xianjuan aka Xian1 - M.I.A.