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Kyle Hall headlines Ministry gig

Kyle Hall headlines Ministry gig

DJmag party on Saturday 17th July

Did we mention our party at Ministry of Sound on 17th July? No?! Then here's the lowdown.

We have 18 year old Detroit techno prodigy Kyle Hall headlining alongside the superb Floating Points and Hot City, while in the main room you can catch Sebastien Leger,  Format:B, and Super Flu.

As a loyal DJmag reader you can also grab tickets for £10, rather than £15, here. Alternatively turn up after 4am and entrance is just £6 on the night.

We caught up with Kyle fresh from playing DC10 in Ibiza to chat about music, Detroit and wobbly dubstep.

You're just 18 years old but have already put out some incredible tracks. What's your musical up-bring been like?

Thank you. When I was young I grew up in a musical home. My mother and father put me in music lessons when I was young.  I was also interested in electronics and things like Casios and tape recorders.  Naturally I eventually combined my enjoyment for the two.  I listened to all kinds of music coming up also. So when I began DJing I was buying and playing all kinds Of different records.

Detroit has a near mythical status in terms of being the birthplace of techno. Does it feel like that living there and is there a kind of common bond amongst the producers who've emerged from the city?

Yeah, for sure there is a bond.  Especially the ones that have helped me out In my musical path. Guys like Omar S, Theo Parrish, Carl Craig, Rick Wilhite and many, many, many more have all contributed and bonded with me in some sense to promote my growth as a musician.

As well as house and techno, you're releasing tracks that fall somewhere between electro and dubstep for label like Hyperdub and Warp. Is that bass sound popular in Detroit?

I’ve heard that dubstep and things of that nature have been gaining popularity in the city.  I think it’s the more noisy wobbly stuff though. I’m not really into that so I can’t say I attend those events. But I do enjoy the good stuff those genres have to offer just as any other genre of music.

Can you give us a quick run down on what you've got forthcoming?

Well July, my next EP on my label Wild Oats is coming out! 'The Sun Goddess' by KMFH!  I’m doing some limited cool clear yellow yinyl. I just did a remix For Ninja Tune artist Emika for her single ‘Pretend’, that will be coming out sometime this year. I’m working on some other really cool projects also. One of them is called NSNT and it is a techno project that will see a 12 inch release on my label and possibly an album on another really great well known Detroit techno label that will remain nameless as of now. I have a plethora of things I’m working on as far as production and concepts. Other than that, touring! KMFH PLAYIN THE WORLD.