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Laptop Turntablist!

Laptop Turntablist!

Watch a video of turntablist JFB demonstrating how to scratch using a laptop, Serato, and the Rane TTM 57SL!

Turntablist JFB agreed to film himself at home for, to demonstrate the awesome power of what happens when you combine software programme Serato Scratch Live with the new Rane TTM 57SL mixer.

Thought laptop DJs were boring? Think again, because as our special video shows, using a laptop together with traditional vinyl turntables opens up new creative possibilities that simply aren't possible using two decks and a mixer.

NOTE: You will need either Quicktime or Windows Media Player to watch the video.

Click here to watch's Laptop Turntablist video (Windows Media Player users)

Click here to watch's Laptop Turntablist video (Quicktime users)